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Simply use YOUR NAME with OUR ADDRESS as your shipping address.

Notify Us your parcel is on its way, Please include Your Name, Email and Package Details using the "Notify Us of Shipment Form Below"

We have the LOWEST pickup prices in the city - GUARANTEED! Just check out our prices and see for yourself!


Our staff will notify you by email or phone when parcels are received!
will keep them at our facility awaiting your pick-up.

Convenient parking on East Fort Street at the parking meters, in front of our location. Don't forget to bring some American change. Also, parking is prohibit on Fort between 4pm and 6pm, please use Brush Street, only 10 feet away from the Front door of Detroit Mailbox

Click here for map of our location.


Pick your parcel up at after the shipment has been received.

Photo ID. required
for pickup. If available please also have your tracking numbers.


Please select your parcel shipment on the drop down menu below. You will then be directed to our PayPal Page.

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"If your parcel comes in and you are notified by the shipper, please wait until we notified you or come the next day to pick it up at out facility.

Important Policy Update August 2015
Read New Policy Here





don't have your U.S. items held up at the border

'Hey Windsor/Essex County....Have your packages, mail, presents shipped to us and don't pay brokerage fees or delivery charges!

We have the LOWEST pickup prices in the city - GUARANTEED!

Many companies do not ship to Canada. This often means you have to buy the item for upwards of 40-50% more in Canada, and sometimes it isn't even sold locally!

Even when companies DO ship to Canada, their shipping charges are often far too expensive. By using as your US shipping address, you can get your package at the border without paying those expensive fees.

No Brokerage Fees! - These are those nasty fees that are charged in order to process your item at customs. These often aren't factored in during the checkout process and you are made to pay them when the item arrives at your doorstep. By using as your US border shipping address, you don't spend a dime on these fees.

*Customs declaration is your duty and responsibility. Duties and fees may be imposed by customs on merchandise purchased outside Canada. The applicable charge will be based on the value and/or gross weight and may differ according to the commodity. You are responsible for payment of all duties and fees.


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