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Getting Started

How do I start using your services?
First step is to create a free account in the Customer Portal using the “sign up now” link on our home page (bottom right-hand side). Then, shop online with any merchant and use YOUR NAME or CUSTOMER NUMBER with OUR ADDRESS as your shipping address.

What is the Customer Portal and do I need to use it?
The Customer Portal is DetroitMailbox’s own database for customer use (located at All customers are encouraged to take advantage of the cool features in the portal. It has access to notifications, current parcels, and past parcels – all identified using tracking numbers. Using the Customer Portal is important for keepin

I am having trouble logging into the Customer Portal (e.g. forgetting login; already existing email)
Please do not create another account. Call our office at 800.408.1694 or email us at ; we will be able to help you access your existing account.

Do I need to notify you of the shipment?
No. The only time you need to notify us is if your parcel requires special handling or is over 100 lbs (see overweight parcel section for packages over 100 lbs). To notify us of special handling send us an email at:

I see an add notification section on the Customer Portal; what is this section for since I don’t have to notify you of a shipment?
This section helps you to keep track of the things you ordered. In this section, you can save the tracking # and company name of the items ordered. By saving your order details here, you can compare them to the information you receive from us and you’ll know exactly what parcels have come in.

Parcel Arrival

How do I get notified that my parcel arrived?
We will send you an email once your parcels have been processed by our staff using the information you provided when you signed up with us.

My parcel is ready for pick up, can I have someone else pick up on my behalf? Yes, Provide the individual picking up on your behalf with your customer number/Parcel ID number and/or tracking number to confirm authorization of the pick-up, and a copy of the receipt for the border.

Do I need to bring/provide receipts of my purchase to you when picking up? No. DMB does not need to see your receipts, however you do want to have the receipts available for custom officers at the border

Do companies include a purchase receipt inside my box/bag? It depends. Many companies are not including purchase invoices inside their packages and those that do may not include the amount you paid for your item. It's safer if you bring your receipts printed from home.

I received a delivery text/email from the shipper; can I come get the parcel right away?  No. Parcels are not available for immediate pick up. Parcels can be picked up once they have been processed by our staff; normally it  could take 7-10 hours after parcels are delivered to our location to get them processed completely; however you can pick up your item the same day if

1.You get an arrival notification from us; email comes from:   


2.Your parcel reflects “processed” on your customer portal; under “view current parcels.”

What if I paid extra for next day delivery; do I still have to wait till you process my parcel or can I come get it right away?
Unfortunately, you still have to wait till the parcel is processed by our staff.

Can I special request that a staff person looks for my parcel as I paid extra to have it delivered priority?
Unfortunately, no. Our staff will not be able to take the time to look for a specific parcel(s) just because you paid extra to get it next day. You must wait till the parcels are processed to retrieve them. Please understand that it could take us up to 7 hours to process the parcels that come in each day and to take the time for special request(s) will prolong our processing time another 3-4 hours.

Can I come to your office and help you find my parcel so that I can get it right away?
Unfortunately, no. Due to liability reasons, we cannot have customers help us process parcels or look for parcels themselves.

Can I come to your office and wait while you process parcels so that I can get mine the same day?
Yes. However, keep in mind that the staff will continue to process at the normal rate and as your parcels are found they will be handed to you (the staff will not stop processing to specifically look for your order; meaning you could be waiting at our office between 5 minutes to 5 or 6 hours)

Can I send a pallet to your location?  Unfortunately, As of November 1st, 2017  we are no longer accepting pallets.  

I’ve checked my portal and don’t see my parcel, but tracking says it was delivered; what should I do?
Please call our office at 800.408.1694 or email us at ; when you call/email please provide us with your tracking number(s) as this is the only way the staff will be able to investigate where your items are located.

When I pick up my parcels, can I open them at your location?
Yes. We have box cutters available for your convenience. If you would like to leave any trash behind, there is a $1.00 cleanup fee. If, however, you do not pay us to clean up your trash and leave it behind regardless, there will be a $2.00 cleanup fee added to your next pick up.

I want to inspect or try on my items, can I do that at your location?  Yes. We want you to have a satisfactory experience using our service so you may check and try on any of the parcels you pick up at our facility. Please be aware that you cannot do this if you come in to retrieve your parcels within the last 45 minutes till our specified closing time.  

Returns and Shipping Out

I have an item to return, can I drop it off at your location?
Yes, if the item has a pre-paid shipping label.

When will the return be shipped out?
In most cases, the return item will be sent out the day after you drop it off. An exception to that would be a DHL package, as DHL does not come to our office daily.

I do not have the pre-paid label, can you purchase/create one for me?
Unfortunately, no. We do not have the proper equipment to create the postage for returns. However, there are post offices around our location that are capable of handling these requests.


What are your prices and do you have any memberships?
We do not currently offer membership plans*. The “pay-as-you-go” prices are below:

Each Parcel Under 60 lbs. .................$6.00
Each Parcel Over 61 - 120 lbs. ..........$12.00
Each Parcel Over 121 - 160 lbs. ........$15.00
Each Parcel Over 161 - 220 lbs. ........$18.00
Each Parcel Over 221 - 300 lbs. ........$21.00


Tire Size 0" to 20"   ...........$6 per tire (even if bundled together)
Tire Size 21" to 30" ..........$10 per tire (even if bundled together)
Tire Size 31" to 40" ......... $15 per tire (even if bundled together)

Over-sized packages: 25x25x25 up to 40X40X40 $25.00

41x41x41 up to 55X55X55 $30.00

** Note: Any oversized items (150+ pounds, beds, couches, mattresses, etc) must be approved by DMB staff prior to shipping; please call 1.800.408.1694 or email sales@detroitmailbox for approval.  Oversized items shipped without prior approval from DMB staff may be refused at th time of delivery. 

Do I have to pay you prior to my parcel being delivered?
If you choose to pre –pay you can do it by using our secure Pay Pal link on our home page or you can pay in person at the time of pick up with Cash (US only), Credit/Debit.

I want to pre-pay for the parcels, how do I know how much I owe you?
You can review the number of parcels you have at our office by logging into your customer portal and looking under “view current parcels” The fee is $6.00 per parcel (0-60 lbs), so multiply number of parcels by $6 to reach your total cost. For oversized prices, see oversized section and repeat equation with the correct fee. If your parcels have storage fees, see storage fee section for prices.

I see more than one (1) parcel delivered for me, but I only placed one (1) order; does that mean I owe you for each parcel separately?
Yes. Our charges are per parcel, not per order. When ordering online you do want to keep in mind that many companies will split your order into more than one (1) shipment.

How long do you hold parcels for?
We will hold parcels for one (1) year past the delivery date. As required by U.S law, any parcels left over a year must be returned to the shipper. Keep in mind that any parcel left at our office after 30 days of delivery will start incurring storage fees.

What are the storage fees and how do I know what I owe?
Storage fees start being applied to your parcels a week after thirty (30) days of delivery at our office. For every week after the first thirty (30) days, parcels incur $5.00 a week, up to twelve (12) weeks. From week thirteen (13) up to week twenty-five (25), the fee is $10.00 a week. After week twenty-six (26), it is $1 per day until the parcel is picked up. These numbers do not include the regular pickup fee, see prices section for more information.

My parcel was delivered over 30 days ago but I was never notified, am I still responsible for the storage fee?
Yes. The customer portal is designed to help you keep track of your parcels and their arrival dates even when you do not receive an email or phone call from us. Under the “view current parcels” tab in the portal, you can see what day any of your parcels were delivered and plan to retrieve them accordingly.

What if my package is damaged during shipment?  All received shipments are FULLY INSURED.  Here is how insurance works: Your shipment is insured by carrier (UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, etc); if damage is visible when your parcel(s) arrives, DMB staff will notify you immediately (either by phone or email, if available, a note will be added to your arrival notification notifying you of any damages). If your parcel is damaged after arriving at our location our insurance policy will cover your purchase(s). Any damaged/missing item(s) complaints must be made at the time of your pick up;  DMB is not responsible for any damages/missing items noticed after the parcel(s) has left our premises. We encourage all costumers to inspect any/all parcels at our office.

Hours and Location

What are your hours of operation? 
10:00am to 6:30pm -    Monday - Thursday
10:00am to 7:30pm -    Friday
9:00am to 4:00pm   -   Saturday & Sunday 

Hours may vary during Canadian/USA holidays. Please visit our facebook page, and  website home page for updates.

Sometimes the border is backed up and I will be late, will anyone stay later than closing time for me?
Unfortunately, no. Due to the variable nature of border crossing times, what you may think is only a five minute wait could turn out to be much longer. Our employees are instructed to lock the doors promptly at the specified closing time.

How do I get to your location?
Coming out of the Tunnel, continue straight (that’s Randolph St.), go about four (4) blocks and make a right turn onto Fort St. At the 1st stop sign, make a left (that will be Brush St.). Our office will be directly across from Fishbone’s restaurant on your left hand side.

Coming from the bridge; Take I-75 North to I-375 South. Get off at the E. Lafayette St. exit. Make a right at E. Lafayette St. Make a right at Brush St. Our office will be on your left hand side directly across from Fishbone’s restaurant.

Where do I park when I go to pick up my parcel(s)?
Directly across the street from our office there’s a free 15 minute street parking pick up area for our customers (upon availability). This area is also used by delivery trucks; if space is not available there, Brush, Lafayette and Monroe St. offer meter parking (all streets are within walking distance of our office).



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