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This is place where we break down all you’ll need to know about using Detroit Mailbox and our handy tracking system.

Having a US mailbox simplifies a lot, but you’re sure to want to know exactly how it all works – here’s the nitty gritty on the process regarding notifications, pickup windows, shipping and storage, pricing, insurance and even shipping out.


Getting Started


Parcel Arrival


Returns and Shipping



  • What are your prices and do you have any memberships?
    We do not currently offer membership plans*. The "pay-as-you-go" prices are below.
    Each Parcel Price
    Under 60 lbs $6.00
    Over 61 - 120 lbs $12.00
    Over 121 - 160 lbs $15.00
    Over 161 - 220 lbs $18.00
    Over 221 - 300 lbs $21.00
    Tires Price*
    Tire Size 0" to 20" $6.00 per tire
    Tire Size 21" to 30" $10.00 per tire
    Tire Size 31" to 40" $15.00 per tire
    * Prices apply per tire even if bundled
    Over-sized Packages Price*
    25x25x25 up to 40x40x40 $25.00
    41x41x41 up to 55x55x55 $30.00
    Please note: Any oversized items (150+ pounds, beds, couches, mattresses, etc) must be approved by DMB staff prior to shipping; please call 1-800-408-1694 or email for approval.  Oversized items shipped without prior approval from DMB staff may be refused at the time of delivery.
  • Do I have to pay you prior to my parcel being delivered?
    If you choose to pre –pay you can do it by using our secure Paypal link on our home page or you can pay in person at the time of pick up with cash (US only), credit/debit.
  • I want to pre-pay for the parcels, how do I know how much I owe you?
    You can review the number of parcels you have at our office by logging into your customer portal and looking under “view current parcels” The fee is $6.00 per parcel (0-60 lbs), so multiply number of parcels by $6 to reach your total cost. For oversized prices, see oversized section and repeat equation with the correct fee. If your parcels have storage fees, see storage fee section for prices.
  • I see more than one (1) parcel delivered for me, but I only placed one (1) order; does that mean I owe you for each parcel separately?
    Yes. Our charges are per parcel, not per order. When ordering online you do want to keep in mind that many companies will split your order into more than one (1) shipment.
  • How long do you hold parcels for?
    We will hold parcels for one (1) year past the delivery date. As required by U.S law, any parcels left over a year must be returned to the shipper. Keep in mind that any parcel left at our office after 30 days of delivery will start incurring storage fees.
  • What are the storage fees and how do I know what I owe?
    Storage fees start being applied to your parcels a week after thirty (30) days of delivery at our office. For every week after the first thirty (30) days, parcels incur $5.00 a week, up to twelve (12) weeks. From week thirteen (13) up to week twenty-five (25), the fee is $10.00 a week. After week twenty-six (26), it is $1 per day until the parcel is picked up. These numbers do not include the regular pickup fee, see prices section for more information.
  • My parcel was delivered over 30 days ago but I was never notified, am I still responsible for the storage fee?
    Yes. The customer portal is designed to help you keep track of your parcels and their arrival dates even when you do not receive an email or phone call from us. Under the "View Current Parcels" tab in the portal, you can see what day any of your parcels were delivered and plan to retrieve them accordingly. 

  • What if my package is damaged during shipment?
    All received shipments are FULLY INSURED.  Here is how insurance works: Your shipment is insured by carrier (UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, etc); if damage is visible when your parcel(s) arrives, DMB staff will notify you immediately (either by phone or email, if available, a note will be added to your arrival notification notifying you of any damages). If your parcel is damaged after arriving at our location our insurance policy will cover your purchase(s). Any damaged/missing item(s) complaints must be made at the time of your pick up;  DMB is not responsible for any damages/missing items noticed after the parcel(s) has left our premises. We encourage all costumers to inspect any/all parcels at our office.


If there is anything that we have not covered here, feel free to ask us. We respond really quickly to emails!

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