Power up your Shopping Game

Why Use a Mailbox?

Many companies do not ship to Canada. This often means you have to buy the item for upwards of 40-50% more in Canada, and sometimes it isn’t even sold locally! Even when companies DO ship to Canada, their shipping charges are often far too expensive.

By using Detroit Mailbox as your US shipping address, you can get your package at the border without paying those expensive fees. Moreover many deals, are not available to Canadian shoppers – don’t you hate that? With Detroit Mailbox you can shop like an American. It’s easy – simply use your name with our address as your shipping address!

Below is a common sampling of what our clients tell us they like most about using our services:

  1. Conveniently located just blocks from in Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and Greektown Detroit, we are ideally located for quick package pickups.
  2. No Brokerage Fees! These are those nasty fees that are charged in order to process your item at customs. These often aren’t factored in during the checkout process and you are made to pay them when the item arrives at your doorstep.
  3. By using Detroit Mailbox as your US border shipping address, you don’t spend a dime on these fees.
  4. With Detroit Mailbox service you will get a street address at which you can receive letters and packages, we will hold them for you until you pick them up at our Detroit location.
  5. Receive all your mail, including UPS, FedEx, and U.S. Postal packages as well as certified mail and freight.
  6. We will accept and sign for all your packages so they stay off your front porch where they could be exposed to bad weather or even stolen. Our stores offer a safe and secure pickup for your packages.
  7. Safety dor you and your family. If you have a business and don’t want customers showing up at your house, protect your family shipping to Detroit Mailbox.
  8. Enjoy the fact we will NEVER ship your package back to its sender allowing you the peace of mind and flexibility of picking it up whenever you want
  9. We Ensure continuous mail delivery during a business move, relocation, or expansion.
  10. Use Detroit Mailbox’s notary public services to have all your important documents notarized while you wait. We offer notary services for financial, real estate closing, legal, and other documents. No appointment is necessary.
  11. A Michigan Licensed Attorney is on-site or just a phone call away for free US legal questions regarding your US mailing needs.